At Cadzow we recognise the importance of parental involvement in the life of the nursery and we pride ourselves on our excellent methods of communication. Our main method of communication is an online app called Famly. This can be downloaded to your phone enabling access at all times. By downloading the app you will have access to practical information about what your child has been doing that day (sleeps times, nappy changes, food that they have eaten etc) as well as being able to send and receive direct messages to your childs room team or the nursery manager.

You can also add contact details, photographs and view your childs payment accounts making it easier to track session, invoices and payments. The app also has a newsfeed section where we update all parents and carers with information regarding the nursery, fun days, parents nights, photographs and observations of what the children have been learning (parental permission obtained for this) it is a great way to keep up to  date with the life of the nursery. One of our favourite features of Famly is the learning journey section. This is where keyworkers upload photographs and observations of individual childrens learning development and progress for parents to view. This is private and password protected so only yourself and your family, if you chose, have access to these updates. This is a fantastic way of finding what your child gets up to whilst at nursery and encourages links between learning at home and at nursery. Parents also upload photos of achievements/ activities from home which the children just love sharing with their friends and the nursery ladies

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