2-3 Years Toddler

Within the Toddler room we have created a home from home environment. Where children are encouraged to explore each area of the playroom with the freedom to express themselves and develop their curiosity by exploring the variety of natural and real life resources. We promote independence and individuality and ensure each child is treated as an individual and that their needs are catered for.

We use our outdoor area as an extension of our playroom and have a free flow system in place. This allows children to go in and out throughout the day. This encourages independence and encourages freedom and decision making.

Our outdoor areas are not only used for physical exercise incorporating health and wellbeing but also early numeracy and literacy.


Children are encouraged to take resources to the outdoor areas and are given opportunities to mark make, develop fine and gross motor skills, socialise and participate in role play. The children also enjoy taking part in ring games and action songs outdoors especially using props such as the parachute, bean bags and balls and also potatoes would you believe!

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