0-2 Years Playroom

We have two designated playrooms for our children aged 0-2 years both registered for 9 children and with 3 highly trained staff in each to provide the dedicated care and support needed to follow our youngest children’s own individual home routine to ensure continuity of care between home and nursery.

The playrooms provide  spacious well resourced play areas and the environment creates a wealth of experiences for young inquisitive minds. We have one playroom dedicated to sensory to develop curiosity, story, singing and music to develop communication and language and a designated sleep area. Our other playroom offers experiences for creativity through painting, drawing and messy play where children can become creative little artists, opportunities for role play where children can “act out” and make sense of the world around them using real life objects such as dressing up clothes, pots, pans and real life food.

Each day staff will take the children out for walks (weather permitting unless it is unsafe to do so), use our dedicated front garden or under cover back garden which we were extremely pleased to be recognized in the top 5 in Scotland for best outdoor learning environment.

Parents are required to supply wipes, nappies and milk to ensure continuity between home and nursery. We are a breast feeding friendly nursery and will support mothers returning to work and still wishing to breast feed. Our staff are trained in the storage and use of breast milk and we welcome you visiting to feed during the day where possible. Your baby's happiness is important to us, be assured we will always deliver the highest quality care.

The period in the 0-2 playroom provides for a smooth transition to the toddler stage by adopting a more challenging and varied approach to the day ready for the challenges of the toddler room.